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Head coach

All of our resident coaches have extensive experience in badminton.


Halim Haryanto

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They understand that no two players are alike and will work with you to get the right badminton training at the right pace and intensity.


Andy Tran

Andy has been playing badminton for over 20 years. Having created two badminton clubs in Los Angeles, Andy is experienced with coaching and developing talented athletes across Southern California.

Tanto Wibowo

Tanto started playing for University of California San Diego (UCSD) in 2004 and has competed in tournaments all over California, Dallas, New York and Boston, winning numerous categories. He enjoys helping people understand that every shot counts.

Coaches Teram

Contact us to learn more about a particular coach, check his schedule or to book today!


Tommy Ho

Tommy played badminton since 1986 in his backyard with his brothers & cousins. He has trained with world-class coaches who emphasized hardwork & basic badminton footwork. Tommy played competitive badminton in High School at Madison and Mira Mesa, and continues to play competitively to this day.

Krishna Ramasubramanian

Krishna has been playing badminton since 1987 and has competed in tournaments across the country (Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona and California) as well as badminton events in India. He believes in continual improvement by emulating skilled players and never giving up until the shuttle hits the floor!

Thomas Bui

Thomas started playing at 16. He has won 2014 Dave Freeman CMD, 2015 BCC CMD+ and BMD, but likes to impart his knowledge and experience to those looking to improve their game.
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10806 Willow Ct, Suite #1
San Diego, CA 92127

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