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YONEX Nanoscience achieves precise control over racquet functions at the molecular level, creating ultra-lightweight racquets that are thinner, stronger and more stable than an ordinary racquet for maximum power and speed from swing energy.

Selecting the correct racquet is a vital part of maximising your potential on court. With the YONEX Racquet Matrix, you can be 100% that the racquet in your hand is the perfect choice for your game.

Make sure that your YONEX racquet is strung for optimum performance by following our precise Stringing Instructions, and selecting the perfect string for your game with our String Matrix.

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The basic footwork for badminton beginners are six different moves towards the corners and back toward the baseline. Learn the beginning footwork for badminton with help from a badminton coach in this free video on badminton. Expert: Nghia Tran Contact: www.eastbaybadminton.com Bio: Coach Nghia Tran has coached the University of California, Berkeley badminton team to a 2010 collegiate nationals win. Filmmaker: Bing Hugh Series Description: Badminton includes a variety of shots, serves, swings and techniques to improve your game. Learn more about badminton with help from a badminton coach in this free video series on badminton.

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